Sunday, 20 November 2016



Kanye West is offering free tickets to his rescheduled Los Angeles concert to children in inner-city schools and music programs in the area.

The Stronger star headlined The Forum in Inglewood near Los Angeles six times on his Saint Pablo tour and during his last appearance on 3 November (16) he lost hisvoice and decided to cut the show short.
He promised the audience a refund and that he would make it up to them and he has now announced another show on Sunday (20, Nov 16).

Those who attended the original concert and have not already received a refund will be given a special code for free access to the make up show and a large number offree tickets are being given out to students in select inner-city schools and music programs in Los Angeles and Inglewood.

During the original night, Kanye called the show off after 45 minutes, which is reportedly 10 minutes shy of the overall running time. His vocals failed him and he struggled through his track Only One.

"Turn on the lights - show's over. I'm so hoarse," heyou havehe crowd. "I can’t let youhave a show where I can’t perform for you. I’ll give everyone a refund, I promise I'll do better next time.

"When the tour was first announced, the 39-year-old was only due to perform at The Forum for three nights but it was expanded to six due to popular demand. The make-up show will bring the total to seven.After the sixth gig, he had a two-week break from touring and is due to return to the stage in San Jose, California on Thursday night (17Nov16) and the Saint Pablotour is due to conclude on New Year's Eve (31Dec16) at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.