Wednesday, 9 November 2016

House Music Compilations 101

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SoulPoizen - Antidote Menu

Afrikan Roots - Stories from Creation (feat. Pain Killer)

Aquatone - Under Bridges

Beebar - Night After Chemistry

Black Motion - The Journey (feat Toshi)

Black Motion feat. Nokwazi - Imali (Original).mp3 

Black Motion - Omo Dudu (feat. Wunmi) (Original)

Calvin Fallo - Chomi

Da Capo - Deep Melodies

Da Capo - Neon

Da Capo - Do It For Me (feat. GoodLuck) (AquaTone Unreleased Mix)

Da Capo - Blood Moon (feat. Jazuelle)

Damian - Mary Jane (feat. Charlie Mindgames) (Beebar Just-Bee U Mix)

Dee Cee & Gene Boi - Till We Unite Again

Dee Cee OverNoised - Devil's Son

Dee Cee OverNoised - Where It All Began

DJ Shimza - Congo Congo (Original)

Ed'ward - Desert Storm

Gaba Cannal - Bazooka

Gaba Cannal - Cheese

Gaba Cannal - Shaya Mama

Gaba Cannal - You & I (Main Mix)

Godfathers - The Ed

House Victimz - Beautiful Adventure (feat. Zothea)

House Victimz - Beautiful Adventure (feat. Zothea) (HVSA Mix)

House Victimz - Butterfly

J Logic - Complications (Original Mix)

Josiah De Disciple & LennonPercs - Thetha

Josiah De Disciple & LennonPercs - Tiago

Kabza De Small - Sunday Late

King Of The Stars (Original Mix)

Ladi AdioSoul & Houseville - ### (August 2016)

Les G - Dub Spirits (feat. Dee Cee & DJ Pancake)

Loius Lunch - ######

Luu Nineleven - Mumbai Dance

Luu Nineleven - Zamokuhle

Mfr Souls - Inside Of Me

MFR Souls - Prince Kaybee Flavour

Mfr Souls - Secrets

Mfr Souls - sunsets

Mizz - Beyond death

Nastee Nev - Genius Magnet (feat Monique Bingham)

Prince Kaybee - Thandekile (Guitar Mix)

Sizz Da Dude - Gentle Fist

Sizz Da Dude - Many Different Ways

Too Much Information (El Maestro & Logic Remix)

Toshi - I Dont Understand (feat. Da Capo)

Tumza D'kota - Ama Piano (Original Sliced Mix)

Tumza D'kota - Another Stolen Piece(Original Mix)

Tumza D'kota - HalfJackb(Original Mix)

Tumza, Kabza & Kopzz - Critics

Urban Musiqie - Deceive Us

Uthando (House Victimz Unreleased Remix)

Wolta - 5th Thing

Wolta - Blaq Baq

Wolta - Ghost Dollz

Wolta - Party Horse 2

Wolta - Party Horse 3

Wolta - Big Hearts

Wolta & Tahir Jones - Sugar

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