Friday, 11 November 2016

DJ Mshega - The Contribution

DJ Mshega goes on mission to promote his new studio album release date scheduled for next November 11.

After having presented the track " Come Back " which features the singer Busi N , Mshega provides preview of the album " The Contribution ", with a total of 10 tracks.

DJ Mshega's latest Album "The Contribution"

01. Who? (feat . Busi N)
02. Criminal (feat. Lady Zamar)
03. Lost World (feat. Brenden Praise)
04. Otla iPona (feat. Bucie)
05. Coe Back (feat. Busi N)
06. Fly Away (feat. Ybe)
07. Get Down (Whistle Song) (feat. Busi N)
08. Son De Sol (feat. Deli)
09. Saga
10. Mi Casa - Your Body (DJ Mshega Remix)

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