Thursday, 8 September 2016

@Drake - Child's Play (Official Music Video)

Drake performs in concert at the Wells Fargo Center Aug. 21, 2016 in Philadelphia.
Drake gets his just deserts in his new "Childs Play" video when its discovered he's been cheating on his girlfriend, played by Tyra Banks. 

The two are celebrating an anniversary at probably the world's nicest Cheesecake Factory when things go awry as she discovers some unfortunate news snooping on the rapper's phone while he's in the bathroom. A scene breaks out and Drizzy winds up with cake on his face and wine on his head, left to sit alone with his comeuppance. 

But Drake fans need not fret, in the Carlos "Spiff TV" Suarez-directed 12-minute video's second half The 6 God seems to rebound just fine when he hits the strip club.

Drake also announced a new event called The Ballet that's being billed as a "new dance experience" and will take place in Houston on Monday. He also recently teased a short film project called Please Forgive Me that is set to debut on Sept. 30.

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