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KZee Mchunu Music

Name: Thandanani Karabo Mchunu                                   
Stage Name: Kzee Mchunu
Occupation: DJ/ Producer, Music Engineer, Sound Operator, Co-Founder
Company: Universal Joints, Blue Waters Media, Mc Productions & Far cue Entertainment.
Music Style: House, Hip-hop, R&B
The MC Nation

About Kzee Mchunu 

Started his career in 2006 with Diepsloot’s legendary DJ’s: Themba (Mthimbana) Sbusiso (Punk) Jabulani (Syndic8) Siyabonga (Siyamusiq) & Thabiso (Hootas). Kzee was groomed by his dedication for music and addictions for mixing. May 2006 was when Kzee started with his mixing and timing skills, with the little knowledge that he accumulated from Sbusiso, he then decided to lend a pair of turn tables and a few vinyls to practice at home. The love and passion for mixing made it easy for Kzee to quickly grasp the correct timing for proper mixing and it was more easer to unleash the skill that he has on the decks. Within a few months of practicing at home, he then started to go out to local outlets that had DJ sessions, played sets for fun and for uplifting his spirit and developing his skills. Through time his name Master K, which he later changed to Kzee was being recognized by the relevant people and got recruited to join DJ crews and Movements. At the age of 16, Kzee was well known around the neighbourhood for his mad skills on the decks. Mid 2008 was when he was called to play outside the project for the very first time, at a very age strict place. Going inside the place was a hustle for him coz of his age. But when he went to the place for the third time, the owners called him to the office to formally acknowledge him for his skills and to give him an offer to play in their place. His name grew to the sense that he had been gigging all around the project. That was when he ventured into music production which was a journey he started with Siyamusiq Phiri, realizing that there was potential in their music, they then took it to another level by investing more time on their craft to come up with the type of music they produce today. Kzee is a versatile music producer with different unpredictable sounds, his main focus is emotions. His music has earned him a privilege to share a stage with various well known artists and DJ’s around the country and has played sets around Jozi’s finest joints (various News Cafes, Capellos, La Lunar, The Sands and many others). He has produced Tracks like:
  • 330d (Original Mix)
  • Ubumnandi (Twisted mix)
  • Khumstar’s they think they know deep (Remake)
  • Thank you my Friend (Main Mix)
only to name a few.
A lot of music producers that create quality music, inspire Kzee to be better at his craft, His main goal is to host a major event in the Diepsloot Project, an annual event to inspire young people with dreams to pressure them. Kzee sees himself piloting one of the biggest music ventures in SA, “be on the lookout for NAR Music” He says.

Favourite Producers

  • Siyamusiq (Universal Joints)
  • Qupid Lasou (DTB) 
  • DJ Clock (Am Pm)
  • Cuebur (Cuebur music)
  • Floyd La lunar (Far Cue Entertainment)
  • J After (Far Cue Entertainment)

Kzee’s classic top five 

  1. Tortured soul – I Might Do Something Wrong. 
  2. Africanism – Les Enfants Bu Blend.
  3. Bob Sinclair – World Hold On.
  4. Julian jabre – War (Original Mix).
  5. Dr. Duda – Latin Soul.

Kzee’s upcoming Projects

  • Host the First annual two stages event at Diepsloot.
  • Drop his first solo Ep.
  • Take BWM to a higher level. 
  • Push NAR Music. 
  • Compile an album in the near future 
Just having fun ka tribal... reminding those who dont have these tracks anymore that music never rot 

Kzee Mchunu - Agent (Original Mix)

Kzee Mchunu - Can't Change You (Main Mix)

Kzee Mchunu - Love Hurts (Main Mix)

KZee Mchunu - Glorified

The Bright Side of Me (KZee Mchunu's Lounge Remake)

KZee Mchunu Soundcloud

New songs will be available for preview

Booking Contacts:
Facebook: Karabo Kzee Mchunu
Twitter: @KzeeSA 

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